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At ByCuddles I strive to help you find your voice for your business.

The first step I ask when starting on your logo is to send over inspiration that you love. It does not have to be logo related but anything and everything that would represent your business and the style you want to portray to customers.

After receiving this information from you we will have setup a time to have a quick conversation over the phone to pull out the ideas that are running around in your head. The goal is to hear your heart behind your business, find out who your target market is and what type of voice you want your business to have. This conversation will usually pull out some amazing ideas for a logo.

After the conversation we usually have a game plan to move forward with a very clear distinct design. I try to keep my prices very reasonable and negotiable for the market therefore we will start with a very clear direction and for one design concept.

If for some reason you want to change directions during the design process that will be considered an edit. I try to keep what I call edits to a minimum. Usually if you want a simple color change or to see a different font I will not consider that an edit. It is the process of extensive changes such as redrawing a design, recoloring a item that that has a lot of detail or changing complete direction from what we were originally going for. I will always let you know if the change you are requesting will be considered an edit.

I strive to give my clients the absolute best that I can offer and go above and beyond to make this process as easy as possible. By the end you should have a logo that you absolutely love. To me an amazing logo is one that can be used in all varieties from billboard signs to a small stamp. I want your logo to be with you for your entire business life.

At the end of the process once you approve design I will be emailing over a JPEG (white background), PNG (transparent background), branding board, and watermark along with any additional files you may need. I keep all files forever so if you ever need a different type of format I can always send that over immediately to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope this description has answered as many questions as you may have however if not please feel free to email me directly at